Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas in the city

Had a fabulous time staying in downtown Seattle for the weekend with my boyfriend's family. Christmas is my very favorite time to visit the city! Everything is lit up and shiny, food tastes better, long lines seem shorter, and hot cocoa stays hotter longer. I didn't do a ton of shopping, but one thing I did get is a photography book specific to my Nikon D3000 - I'm on the first chapter and already learned a few new things! I'm really excited to learn more. After I finish reading it, I'm going to take more portraits and landscape shots to practice what I learn. Right now I'm probably only using about 20% of my camera's capabilities, so I have a lot more to grasp.

A few recommendations from our trip:

  • DO eat at Wild Ginger (next to the Triple Door), Lola's (order the egg's benedict, to-die-for) and Mexico (on the top of Pacific Place)
  • DON'T eat at Etta's in Pike Place, unless you have a few hours to spend on breakfast
  • DO see 'The Fighter', with Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg. Fantastic.
  • DON'T see 'How Do you Know' or 'The Tempest'. Seriously. Don't do it.


Vomnik said...

DO eat at piroskhies... Peroshekies? Puroastkeys?

Charity said...

ooh yeah! I think it's just Piroshky's haha. I love those! My roommate is obsessed.