Tuesday, August 30, 2011

slow and steady wins the race.

A few shots my sister and I took on our last day in Idaho. Still missing it there! Although I am happy to be back in my college town--so many beautiful colors and places that I missed while I was at my parent's the last few weeks.
I'm sorry for the delayed posting and old photos--on top of my arm being broken, I have been packing and cleaning like a mad woman the last 3 days because we are moving tomorrow! We will be right above downtown and in the same neighborhood as several friends, I can't wait. I am definitely ready for packing to be over, though...packing my whole closet with one working arm took entirely too long for my liking. I cannot WAIT to be fully functional again, you have no idea!

Her outfit is all Forever 21 & my skirt is thrifted (as seen here), tank, sandals, and belt from Target.
Any tips on moving furniture with one arm? Holla atcha girl if so.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Dessert in Idaho

homemade pies and coffee, baked and brewed with love by my grandmother. Dessert on the lawn, no hurry, soft baby noises, laughs, stories, nostalgia. We went inside when it got chilly and fell asleep with no worries of setting an alarm.
Idaho days are easy days--I already want to go back!

Monday, August 22, 2011

my sister's closet, my take on it

What do you do when left alone in your parents' house, armed with a new camera remote and your sister's closet?
You play dress up, of course!
Last week, I did exactly that: the shirt, skirt, and shoes all belong to my younger sister who doesn't have bills to pay and therefore does much more shopping than I get to. So it's only right that she shares with me, n'est-ce pas? She usually feels that way. If not, I wait 'til she leaves.
I wore this outfit to run some errands and pick up Thai food for my fam & I. I love the little heart pockets on the skirt! Small details like that can make me fall in love with a garment. Also, the purse was only $10 at TJ Maxx--not bad at all. I love it.
These photos make me a bit wistful, as they are pre-cast. I miss having both arms fully functional and bare! I have one more outfit post to share from before my car accident, then you'll all get to see me in my giant armed, crazy-hair glory from here on out. Looking forward to it? Me too.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

the (light) blues

I got more x-rays and my hard cast on today...the nurse gave me an option of colors and I was SO tempted to go with bright pink! Until I thought about how many outfits it would clash with, which would serve to make me resent my cast even more. I went for light blue, which I hopefully won't come to despise since we'll be inseparable for the next 6 weeks. As stressful and hard as this all is, it has given me some good time at home with my parents and brother, who are taking great care of me. I am trying not to take any more Vicodin because it totally messes with my emotions--makes me go from laughing to crying in mere seconds! I just want to be back to my normal self and will therefore be sticking with Tylenol from now on.
Luckily, the day before the accident I purchased this top and one just like it in a different print at Forever21--they are the easiest things for getting over a cast! My outfit choices are going to be a bit limited for the next month but I'll just have to, in the words of Timm Gunn, "make it work!"
"Cast your anxiety on Him, for he cares for you." 1 Peter 5:7
My mother's signature & a good reminder.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

guest blogging @ despising life is so passe

First of all, thanks for the encouraging words on my last post. It has been a frustrating few days & the encouragement really helps! <3
Besides that, I am guest posting for Theresa over at despising life is so passe today while she is out of town. I adore her blog and she has a few great guest bloggers lined up this week, so definitely go check it out!

Monday, August 15, 2011


So, today was supposed to be my only day off this week and I was excited to relax, go to a coffee shop, and blog about my trip to Idaho. But yesterday on my way to work, this happened:
which then caused this to happen:
Needless to say, things have changed a bit.
My car has been deemed totaled and my right arm (yes, I am right-handed) has two fractures and will be in a cast for 4-6 weeks. It was a terrifying experience and I am very stressed about the financial aspect of this--not being able to work, no car for a while, medical bills, etc--but I am thankful to be alive and not horribly injured. You'll all just have to put up with a big ugly cast in upcoming outfit posts! :)
I would appreciate prayers in the next few weeks as we get insurance figured out and my pain (hopefully) subsides. Right now I am at my parents' house, being babied by my mom: exactly what I needed. Now if only I was allowed to sneak in one of my dad's famous margaritas with my Vicodin...

Friday, August 12, 2011

birthday schemin'

For Raleigh's birthday, I bought us tickets to see one of his favorite bands in Seattle in November. I wasn't going to get the physical tickets for a few weeks, so I decided to be creative in how I presented them to him. The morning of his birthday, he had to go to his calculus class in the morning (I know, right? At least he had an iced chai waiting for him on the way out) so I sprung into action the second he was in class! The day before, I'd written a long, run-on sentence spread out over 27 note cards and put them into numbered envelopes, in which the very last one told him which band we were going to see. I put them around his house, the first one on the front porch and the last one on his bed, where I'd put a plate of his very favorite dessert, s'mores cupcakes,a balloon, and a birthday sign. I couldn't stop giggling as I watched him go around his house in circles, opening all of the envelopes! But he loved his present and we're both super excited to see the show together.
We had a wonderful steak dinner, a great movie date, and a lovely evening watching Arrested Development for hours. I absolutely love birthdays! And now just to start scheming for our two year anniversary coming up...

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

the simple life

Just a quick post, as today is my first day in Idaho with my extended family--however, my computer is finally fixed & I have a lot of blog material gathered up, so I didn't want to wait! I'm sitting in the Sandpoint Starbucks with my dad, overlooking the river and listening to the locals wander in and out. The water, sun, mountains and people are so beautiful here. It feels absolutely amazing to be away.
Anyway, I wanted to show what my summer uniform has basically been for the last month. These shorts, which used to be mom jeans and have now turned into mom shorts, are my go-to when I don't feel energetic enough to put together a real outfit! Tuck a tank in, belt 'em, and I'm set.
shorts collage
I wore this to take Ral out to his birthday brunch last week--more on his birthday coming. Like I said, it's a very simple outfit, but we all know it's not always possible (or necessary) to go all out, especially on lazy summer days. I really love seeing the more simple, everyday outfits that my favorite bloggers post now and then, because I feel like it shows the human, imperfect sides of everyone & gives us a real glimpse into each others lives. Let's be honest, we all have our days!
Raleigh tries to be tough sometimes. What do you think, did it work?

Shorts, Tank, & Belt: Thrifted

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

on a quest to make everyone I know fat

On my days off, I love to bake. Every since using Pinterest (side note: if you're on there, find me! charityvictoria) I've been finding amazing, over-the-top, delicious dessert recipes, and I just can't help myself! My boyfriend and roommates don't seem to mind, and it gives me something productive & enjoyable to do. Two treats I've made in the last week:
These "better-than-crack brownies" were a heavenly blend of chocolate and peanut butter, as well as several different textures. They are great to make a pan of for a large group or party, because they are so rich that you only need a small piece to get the full effect. I swear, when my boyfriend took a bite of one, he looked like he was going to get down on his knee and propose! Serve chilled, with a tall glass of milk.
How presh are these Oreo cupcakes? They have an Oreo baked into the bottom (Raleigh was a pal and helped me twist & seperate the Oreos for the bottoms/garnishes) and chunks of Oreo folded into the vanilla batter. The recipe has a frosting you can make, but I made it easier on myself and just bought some cream cheese frosting. These were a hit in my house, in my bf's house, at Starbucks, and even with my bf's mom! I highly suggest these for a birthday or picnic.
Both recipes are repinned on my 'bon appetit' board on Pinterest, come find them and if you have a Pinterest account, let me know. It is so addicting!
Also, my computer is on the fritz so my posting might be a bit sporadic. Forgive me!

Monday, August 1, 2011

and August is upon us

I threw this outfit together in about 3 minutes to go to a free show on our campus with my boyfriend. We had never heard of the band before, but it was a free outdoor concert--why not? They are called Campfire OK and ended up being great! They are based out of Seattle, and will be playing at Bumbershoot this September. If any of you are going, I suggest you watch their set. Not to mention, how cute is her skirt?
These are actually from last week, I won't lie! It has been a crazy weekend--we had six weddings at work this weekend, so I have barely been home since Thursday. But now I have today to do nothing but run errands, have a coffee date with a friend, and enjoy the sun! Then my family is coming up here to camp for a few days, Thursday is my boyfriend's birthday, and next week I will be in Idaho visiting my lovely family. I cannot wait! August is going to be a lovely month.
What do you have planned for August?

Dress: Forever 21
Sweater: Ralph Lauren, Thrifted
Shoes: Urban Outfitters