Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloweekend Night 1: White Swan

It is so strange to me that today is actually Halloween, because I am sitting on the couch watching Rachel Zoe on account of being EXHAUSTED from Halloween festivities this weekend! Not to mention the drive home from at 1 am last night after Ral and I went to a show in Seattle & my early wake up call to read & study before class. I was invited to a dance party tonight, but this couch is feeling pretty comfortable...we shall see. 
Anyway, these are from Friday night. One of my roommates & I did Black Swan/White swan--dancing around in a tutu and feathers was so much fun! It was my 5 year old dream come true. So girly and fun. Raleigh was Walt from the show Breaking Bad (seeing your boyfriend in a bald cap is always a bit of a shock), my other roommates were Katy Perry and a forest fairy, and my friend Michael was Andy Warhol--just thought I'd show you guys a few of my favorites from that night. A costumed outfit post, if you will. Night 2 costumes coming tomorrow!
What were some of your favorite costumes from the weekend?

ps: I put this costume together for about $18: $3 for the feathers, $1.50 for the felt they are on, $10 for the tutus (I bought 2, for extra booty coverage), and $3.50 for the tights. The leotard belongs to my roommate. Score!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

this week on Pinterest

Everything I want to buy/make/eat/wear this week:

Excuse my absence but believe me, you do not want to see photos of my appearance from the past week--bad hair days seem to be following me lately. Furthermore, this week has been insane! I finally got to clean my room at around midnight last night, and I already feel more collected/sane. Now all I have to do is whip out a paper on Thoreau and Nature, write 500 words of flap copy, turn it all in, get my costume(s) together, and enjoy the weekend. I can't wait to see photos from all your Halloween fun! Are you guys ready?

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Friday, October 21, 2011

tell me you're not here to stay

Just a quick one before I head off to Deception Pass for a retreat this weekend--praying that the rain leaves us before heading out there! I am so excited to relax and have some is exhausting. With only one more quarter to go before graduating, I am doing work that I love and/or that is relevant to my career, but it is so much work. I just feel like I am always tired, no matter how much coffee I drink. Especially when it's rainy like this--these photos are from Monday and I already miss that sunny Autumn weather! Hoping that this grey hasn't completely settled for the winter, because I haven't mentally prepared. 

Enjoy your weekends! Anybody doing anything exciting?

dress: Forever 21, sweater: thrifted, tights: Target

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

quick trip home

I got a chance to run home for a quick trip last weekend & I jumped at it! Unfortunately my mom was away volunteering at a retreat in Oregon, but I had some quality time with my siblings, dad, and puppy, and got to see a few friends from high school as well as my favorite kids in the world, who I used to babysit and who are now growing up too fast! Every time I go home, my mom's garden looks more beautiful and vibrant. How beautiful are the sunflowers and nasturtiums? I love the Autumn colors of those against the bright green leaves. My dad also made his famous chili, which we always have with cinnamon rolls--it's tradition. I got to eat at my favorite local brewery AND did not a speck of homework, so I would say it was a lovely weekend!

Huckleberry Finn wouldn't leave my side while I was trying to take a shoes shot, but I wasn't complaining. Nothing like some real puppy love to fill up a weekend, am I right?

blouse: Old Navy, skirt: Forever 21 (as seen here), boots: borrowed from my mom

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Forever 21 Fall Wishlist

Forever 21 Fall Wishlist

I've been window-shopping instead of doing homework--probably the least productive way I could possibly be spending my time at this point! But browsing Forever 21 is just so much more alluring than reading about Plato's theories today. So, I'll pretend I have money and unlimited time. That's what brings success, right?

ps: Katya from this time is a charm is rockin' the pink lace cut out dress in her latest post & looks absolutely fabulous...jealous! her post is probably what inspired my afternoon of window shopping in the first place. thanks girl ;)

Friday, October 14, 2011

What Autumn Brings

Just wanted to share a few things that Autumn has brought me lately--besides the mountain of reading and homework! If my writing gets a bit sparse, please forgive me and rest assured that I'd rather be blogging. I came home to my parent's house for the weekend & am so excited to relax with my family & puppy, and see some friends from high school. We took the ferry partway home, which is where the beautiful sunset came from...I just love the Pacific Northwest and all of it's waters! The pumpkin coffee was offered to me by two friends at different times this week and they were far from refused--it's from Trader Joe's & I recommend it with a splash of vanilla soy milk and a cupcake. Lastly, Young the Giant played on our campus this week and if you haven't listened to them yet, you should be. You reaally should be.

What's Autumn bringing you?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

preppy & easy

Rainy Fall days make me want to be bundled in sweaters constantly, and I'm loving the sweater-over-button-up look that's happening this season. It is easy while still looking put together, and makes for a look that stays comfortable all day. This week I've been living in various sweater + skinny jean combos, don't judge me! I'll break out some dress + tights looks soon, but for now I'm feelin' fine in preppy looks like this one. Also, this bag makes me feel like a powerful businesswoman. So that helps. 

What's your rainy day outfit template?

jeans & button-up: Forever 21, boots: Macy's, sweater: thrifted, originally from Gap, side bag & necklace: Urban Outfitters

Saturday, October 8, 2011

First Annual Pumpkin Party

In case you haven't had enough pumpkin in your life yet this Autumn, I bring you photos of my good friend Josh's first annual pumpkin party! He has had avocado parties the last two Springs & decided to kick it up a notch with this Fall's Pumpkin Party. I have another outfit post ready to go, but taking photos of food is one of my favorite things to do, so you get these first. 

pumpkin muffins
pumpkin cake with cider sauce
pumpkin chocolate chip muffins
pumpkin spice cake
pumpkin white chocolate cookies
pumpkin chocolate chip cookies--this is what I made, recipe found on Pinterest here.
pumpkin pecan cheesecake
pumpkin smoothie

There was also pumpkin butter, pumpkin mashed potatoes, curry pumpkin black bean soup (apparently it was a Rachel Ray recipe, and it was amazing), and a pumpkin/sweet potato casserole. The house smelled heavenly. I'm not sure if I've ever felt more Autumn-y than I did in those couple hours.

Have you made any Autumn dishes yet, classic or new?