Monday, December 31, 2012

favorite outfits of 2012

October & November are where it gets a bit sketchy--no outfit posts to be found! I promise I got dressed every day, but between working until dark & camera/tripod/location issues, no documentation happened. 

I was obviously able to blog much more in the first half of the year--there were so many more outfits to choose from up through August! Putting these together was so interesting, to see my style change with the seasons and with time. 
Lots of changes this year: I graduated from college, went through a break up of a 2.5 year relationship, totaled one car & bought a new one, met & started dating a boy who I just adore, moved, was published for the first time (and then the second!), opened a vintage shop, started my internship, made new, life-long friends, and made lots of progress on things such as anxiety, bitterness, and worry about things I can't control. I think I learned how to forgive better, how to love better, and how to take care of myself better. I look to the future, to 2013, with new eyes that will keep looking for simple beauty in the world. Cheers to the new year! 

Sunday, December 30, 2012

proof that I still get dressed every day

Hey, you guys, in case you were wondering...I still get dressed every day. Sometimes I even put real, semi-stylish outfits together. Sometimes. This is my first outfit post since September, I'm ashamed to admit--I'm telling you, two week staycations can do amazing things for the soul (and the blog). 

I just came home after spending a week at my parents', and it was such a wonderful visit... lots of time with my family, puppy cuddles, Seattle visits with sushi and shopping and rain, Les Mis with my mama (so beautiful), naps and laughs and all of the things that the holidays should brim with. Now I'm back in my city & enjoying my last few days before I return to work on Wednesday. It has been so joyful for me to spend the days doing things I"m passionate about, including getting back to my own blog AND catching up on all of your inspiring blogs, and updating my vintage shop. One of my resolutions for 2013 is to make time to keep up with these things even when I go back to my crazy internship schedule, because these are the things that keep me feeling creative and motivated and inspired. And that's what life should be, n'est-ce pas?

vest: H&M, sweater: Forever 21, scarf: gardenandsea etsy, boots: Urban Outfitters, jeans: Old Navy

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

holiday grams

This is what my holiday week has looked like: reading Harry Potter (for the first time) and falling in love like everyone said I would, merry-making with loved ones, baking all kinds of cookies with my mama and eating said cookies for breakfast every morning. Not to mention seeing old friends, celebrating my birthday, cuddling with my puppy, playing board games with my family & staying up 'til 2am watching Arrested Development with my brother. And accidentally sleeping until noon. Can this be forever? 

Sunday, December 23, 2012


Today is my birthday, and just another day where I realize how lucky I am. Between my family, my friends, and my boyfriend, I have been loved on & celebrated for over a week now (we have to celebrate early, before everyone scatters for the holidays) and I just...I just love and appreciate so much the genuine, amazing relationships I have. From my mom's chocolate cake and being sang to by a house full of family friends to going out dancing with my friends to brunch and a gorgeous drive with  my boyfriend, I've had a wonderful week. So blessed. 21 was a damn good year & I can't wait to see what 22 brings! xo! 

Friday, December 21, 2012

insta lately.

1. weekend packing / playing with lights
2. rainy Washington roadtrip / comfy bed + dirty Chai
3. sister love / Bellingham love
4. making jam with raspberries from my mama's garden / sweet, sweet pie
5. photobooth fun at a concert / record store roaming with friends from out of town
6. gingerbread house makings / mistletoe kisses
7. movie night / sweet pup

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

staycations, vintage, and cookies for breakfast

I'm late--quite late--on getting these pieces up in the shop, but I am finally on vacation staycation for a bit of the holiday season and have whole DAYS to do whatever I please with. One being finishing photographing/measuring/listing these 6 vintage pieces in East Magnolia Vintage. Some other things being starting Harry Potter for the first time, waking at noon and eating cookies for breakfast, seeing The Hobbit, reading your blogs again, and snuggling all day with my boyfriend. Staycations are my new favorite thing. Now, off to a thrifting adventure (& more cookies). Check the shop for winter vintage! xoxo.  

Sunday, December 16, 2012

when it's cold outside.

when it's cold outside:
wake up slow & lazily bake scones, to be eaten with homemade jam that tastes like summer.
snuggle up with coffee for two.
love that guilty pup.
bake wonderful things from 1950s Betty Crocker: made with lots of love + lots of butter.
pick the perfect tree.
admire the cold, clear, blue-grey sky.
sit around the table with people who know you inside & out and somehow, some way, love you the most in the world. eat, laugh.
drink red wine & tell your favorite stories, over and over.

how do you stay warm in the winter chill? share your cozy tips. xo.