Monday, May 16, 2011

Met Gala 2011


I saved this WhoWhatWear collage from an email I got a few weeks ago because I was so in love with all of these outfits. I just came across it again this morning and can't help but share it--how major are all of these looks? I love them all in different ways.
Jessica Stam's look is the dress we all wanted to wear when we were 5, but the grown-up version: the beautiful, sweet ballerina princess we all wanted to be as little girls (and some of still want to be now).
I'm also obsessed with Ginnifer Goodwin's look--I've never seen her look so badass! In most of her roles she plays the sweet, slightly dorky best friend. But this bright, cut out dress with that spiky dark hair? Tough as nails & oh-so-sexy!
The third look I adore is Mary-Kate's. Sometimes her style gets a little too bag-lady for me, but this bright 70s dress, paired with the simply, wavy hair & the brght green accessories is just the right amount of street-boho mixed with red carpet elegance.
My last favorite is Diane Kruger. She is always so elegant and classy & this is no exception. The exposed leg balances out with the more covered top, and damn, if I had legs like that I'd show them off too! The classic red lip goes perfectly with her soft blonde waves as well.
Which look would you want to be strut on a red carpet? I think I'd go with the ballerina princess look, let's be honest.

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