Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Sweet: Strawberry & Nutella Tarts

If you're not following Amanda's blog yet, you should be. She's another Bellingham blogger who just so happens to post amaaazing recipes (that are photographed impeccably). I want to make them all, especially these banana nutella popsicles, but when it was my job to make some treats for a coworkers birthday last week, I had to first try Amanda's recipe for yummy tarts. 
 (rule of thumb: always bake with a glass of iced coffee or wine in hand. much more fun)
I made some with just nutella, some with just (homemade) strawberry jam, & some with both. I marked the top of each differently so people could choose which they wanted! 
one has to sample their finished product, of course. 

Find her recipe here! This is a really easy and fun thing to bring to a brunch, shower, picnic, birthday party, etc. They're cute and yummy. And fun to make. Thanks for the inspiration, Amanda! xo. 


Amanda k. said...

So glad you gave them a try, yours look great! Love the new blog design by the way :).

Robyn said...

Just came across your blog! I love it and the fact that you are from the Northwest. That is my favorite part of the country and I go back whenever I can. Love your blog!

Nikki | The Ginger Diaries said...

Yup, I'm totally making this when my internship is over! xo

Leanna Kay said...

My mouth is watering. These look delish. I'm a sucker for anything with nutella in it :) Thanks for sharing!

kelsie marie mcnair said...

this look SO GOOD YUM