Monday, July 8, 2013

amongst the wreckage

These gorgeous, richly hued flowers come from two thriving gardens: the top, from my mama's garden at my childhood home and the bottom, from my temporary home here in Bellingham. Both handfuls were picked on days I desperately needed some encouragement; some pieces of God's promise that the world is an inherently good place if we just look for it. Both handfuls brought glimmers of peace to my soul and slivers of joy to my eyes, my nose, my mind. Today, as I sit with sorrowful news, I am thankful for the bits of colorful life that grow amongst the wreckage. different gardens, same peace. xo, Charity


K&R said...

beautiful words.
good thoughts your way.


Aman Kaur said...

Flowers are so beautiful, I love how they can cheer me up!

xoxo, Aman | coffee chic twitter