Tuesday, February 9, 2010

an introduction

As I have no pictures or amusing antecdotes to start this blog off with, I'm going to make a list of things that I find note-worthy:

a good cup of coffee, Pandora radio, breakfast foods, perfect little coffee shops (I happen to be surrounded by these things right now), dogs, mountains, sunshine, sushi, dresses, shoes, things with sequins and/or feathers on them, leather, dressing up, long naps, family ties, falling in love, falling out of love, summertime, springtime, flowers, trees, old buildings, shopping, fashion blogs, pomegranate martinis, fake eyelashes, thrifting, film cameras, the ocean, travelling, good conversations, hilarious people, crazy people, fun people, speaking French, sleeping in, hip hop, God, eclectic style, people-watching, Seattle, Portland, Bellingham, concerts, animals, big flashy jewelry, making old things new, good shopping days, short stories, lake days, camping, days where you can lay in bed all day, good hair days, interior decorating, amazing food, amazing desserts, instantaneous friendships, moving away, coming home, celeb gossip, movies, books, Vogue & NYLON magazine, Christmas time, birthdays, watching people engaged in creepy PDA (I happen to be doing this right now- its awful), eavesdropping, fiction, vegatable gardens, fountains, vintage Chanel, Rachel Zoe, red lipstick, etc etc etc...

From now on I'll mainly be writing about random thoughts, or things I see/hear throughout the day that I feel like sharing. And I will always include (at least) one picture with each entry, just to spice it up a bit. Pour maintenant, au reovir!

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