Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Friday Friday

Today I:
registered for a great Fall 2010 class schedule,
will sign a lease beginning September 5 for an adorable apartment with some fabulous girls, &
will get to see my boyfriend for the first time in 2 weeks! good day.

A few apartment ideas: we want a ton of mirrors and/or frames in the living room (I already have a great mirror with a thick gold frame to go above the fireplace!) and I want this tree tapestry from Urban to go over one wall in my room. Cannot wait to adventure through antique shops and second-hand stores for furniture/accents with my mom this summer, she is seriously professional at it. Decorating will be so fun!

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Bridget Fossedal said...

Clustered-frame walls are my favorite! And I love the tapestry.

What classes are you taking for fall -- I think you said you're an English major? So we might have some togetherrr! : ]