Friday, November 12, 2010

words of wisdom (?)

Just a few words of advice, for you to take or ignore:
1. On days when it's hard enough just to get out of bed: remember that a pair of jeans are just as easy to pull on as a pair of sweats, and I guarantee you'll feel better throughout the day because you put those on instead.
2. Always, always say "thank you". Even, and especially, if the person has to do whatever they are doing for you because of their job. Always say thank you to strangers who do something nice, and definitely always say it to your family members and significant other. And don't just say it for the big, out-of-the-ordinary kind gestures. Say it after the small things. When I do something nice for someone I love, the absence or presence of a tiny "thank you" can make a big difference on how I feel after (not to mention how I feel about repeating the kind act..). Besides, what can it hurt?
3. Start listening to Christmas music as early as you want. Once the holiday Starbucks cups are out, music is fair game!

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