Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Noah Gundersen + Portugal.the man

A few pictures from the Noah Gundersen and the Courage / portugal.the man show last week, on campus. Both bands sounded amazing - such a great show for only $10! I am lucky, as a college student, to have access to events like this on a regular basis, and it doesn't hurt that Bellingham is a great city to be in for music. My boyfriend and I went and we were both in awe of Portugal.the man, they are incredible live. At many points in the songs they had 4 members of the band singing together, including one female: it was hauntinglybeautiful. They also had a really cool lights show to go along with the music - unfortunately, I lack the photo skills necessary to catch the lights without catching the smoke, but I did take a few that are alright: