Tuesday, February 8, 2011

the cold season, again

The last few weeks have been pretty crazy/busy for me, so it's been a while. After hours of work, I turned in a research paper proposal, annotated bibliography AND a portfolio of one of my short stories today and am now in bed sick with a cold, which finally gives me time to post a few things. These are random shots from the last month, very random:

random exit somewhere on i-5 south.

cute lil' baby outside of Woods Coffee last week, who interrupted my studying for a play break because of those big brown eyes!
Frank Warren of PostSecret (postsecret.com if you've never heard of it) came to our campus a few weeks ago and my roommate and I went to his talk. It was very inspiring - he talked about how he got PostSecret started, showed secrets that had never posted weekly or in the books, and opened up the mics for students to share secrets in front of the packed room. About 12 people were brave enough to do so, and the secrets ranged from a girl finding a "Playgirl" magazine in her mom's dresser in six grade to a guy struggling to forgive his brother for abuse in his childhood. The sense of solidarity in the room was incredible, especially among complete strangers. I had to miss Jersey Shore in order to go, but I'm glad I did!

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