Wednesday, June 22, 2011

pizza & boys

A few nights ago, I was hanging out with a few of my guy friends at Starbucks (doing everything BUT homework, yay summer!) & we realized we were all starving. My family likes to have homemade pizza parties now & then, so I suggested we do that instead of going out. We picked up crust (I'd like to make my own next time, but we were huuungry) and lots of ingredients, turned some music on, and had a lot of fun! We made one BBQ pizza with garlic, chicken, mushrooms, red onions, and bacon and one Supreme pizza with red sauce, italian sausage, pepperoni, red onion, green pepper, mushroom, and olives. Seriously, they were amazing. We couldn't stop talking about them all night, as I watched "Love and Other Drugs" with just me and three boys. So many sex/nude scenes...that was a bit awkward, but it could have been worse. Can't wait to make these pizzas again soon! Next time, I want to try a white sauce and/or pesto-based pizza.

et viola!

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joshgalassi23 said...

Beautiful photos of delicious food!