Monday, August 22, 2011

my sister's closet, my take on it

What do you do when left alone in your parents' house, armed with a new camera remote and your sister's closet?
You play dress up, of course!
Last week, I did exactly that: the shirt, skirt, and shoes all belong to my younger sister who doesn't have bills to pay and therefore does much more shopping than I get to. So it's only right that she shares with me, n'est-ce pas? She usually feels that way. If not, I wait 'til she leaves.
I wore this outfit to run some errands and pick up Thai food for my fam & I. I love the little heart pockets on the skirt! Small details like that can make me fall in love with a garment. Also, the purse was only $10 at TJ Maxx--not bad at all. I love it.
These photos make me a bit wistful, as they are pre-cast. I miss having both arms fully functional and bare! I have one more outfit post to share from before my car accident, then you'll all get to see me in my giant armed, crazy-hair glory from here on out. Looking forward to it? Me too.


Wild Flower said...

Cute skirt, I love the little heart pockets! xo

julianne. said...

that is the most adorable skirt.

Babe Jane said...

amazing bag! :)

Jen said...

I love that you raided your sister's closet and the heart pockets on that skirt really are adorable. I'd raid my brother's closet but he'd probably kill me and I probably wouldn't find anything good. :P

Spinner's End said...

My sister and I are always stealing clothes from each other, with or without permission. Unfortunately our bodies are way different, so there aren't always that many options. Still, it's fun to swap when we can! Also, there's no shame in cast photos, I'm sure you'll look as lovely as always.

Rita J. said...

Hi!! I love your skirt. amazing outfit and photos!
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Anonymous said...

love it, such a sweet outfit.
i cannot wait for the cast pictures ahah, aww i do hope you're alright though :(
Bex x

This Earthly Tent said...

hey! just found your blog (through you following mine). I like it a lot and your sweet personality and style!!

Lidiya said...

The skirt is gorgeous, I'm in love with the style - adorable! :)