Wednesday, August 3, 2011

on a quest to make everyone I know fat

On my days off, I love to bake. Every since using Pinterest (side note: if you're on there, find me! charityvictoria) I've been finding amazing, over-the-top, delicious dessert recipes, and I just can't help myself! My boyfriend and roommates don't seem to mind, and it gives me something productive & enjoyable to do. Two treats I've made in the last week:
These "better-than-crack brownies" were a heavenly blend of chocolate and peanut butter, as well as several different textures. They are great to make a pan of for a large group or party, because they are so rich that you only need a small piece to get the full effect. I swear, when my boyfriend took a bite of one, he looked like he was going to get down on his knee and propose! Serve chilled, with a tall glass of milk.
How presh are these Oreo cupcakes? They have an Oreo baked into the bottom (Raleigh was a pal and helped me twist & seperate the Oreos for the bottoms/garnishes) and chunks of Oreo folded into the vanilla batter. The recipe has a frosting you can make, but I made it easier on myself and just bought some cream cheese frosting. These were a hit in my house, in my bf's house, at Starbucks, and even with my bf's mom! I highly suggest these for a birthday or picnic.
Both recipes are repinned on my 'bon appetit' board on Pinterest, come find them and if you have a Pinterest account, let me know. It is so addicting!
Also, my computer is on the fritz so my posting might be a bit sporadic. Forgive me!


Dilan Dilir said...


Spinner's End said...

New reader Ali here! This is such a cute blog! Those recipes look so good, I definitely have to try both of them. My boyfriend is a peanut butter cup addict, so I know he'll go crazy for those brownies.

chantilly said...

this title made me lol! the oreo cupcakes look great, but those brownies... omg those brownies...


Wild Flower said...

Those look amazing, especially the first one! xx

Estefany @ The Helmet Head said...

Omg, these look so good!
You're killing me haha