Monday, March 19, 2012

guest post: Lauren & Madison of Awkward Girls

Here is the first of three guest posts I have for you while I'm volunteering for a week on the Navajo Reservation in AZ. I've got some lovely girls lined up, so check back all this week!

I'm assuming y'all have seen the Awkward Girls blog--and if you haven't, don't waste any more time. These girls are gorgeous, stylish, quirky, and sassy; all of which reflects in their posts. Why do I love their blog? Let's see: they love food, thrifting, the college life, and each other. Need I say more? Thanks for posting, Lauren & Madison! xoxo Charity

We're Lauren and Madison, and we blog over at Awkward Girls!
We are so excited to be filling in for Charity while she's on her mission trip. She's cute, fashionable, AND charitable!? Well we suppose her name really says it all.
Anyways, over at our blog we write about fashion, thrifting, music, and living life together as best friends/poor college students.
sweater: old navy, dress: anthro, shoes: seychelles, jewelry: thrifted, nordstrom rack, watch: seiko
top: uo, sweater: f21, jeans: ag via anthro, shoes: seychelles, watch: vintage
Lately we have been buying lots of quirky animal prints. Like Lauren's horse sweater and Madison's bee print dress. We're still not sure if it's trendy, or we just look like animal freaks (which we kind of are). Either way, we're totally loving it. What trends are you loving lately? Let us know!

And make sure you stop by our blog and say hello!
Thanks again, Charity for having us. We hope you are having an awesome trip!

Lauren and Madison


london loves said...

lovely guest post, love that bee dress!

Anonymous said...

I love the quirky animal prints. They're so fun for spring.


Anonymous said...

...Obviously you are not "poor college students" as you like to claim. Both of you are wearing anthro clothes - not exactly in a poor college student's budget. That dress alone cost more than I spend on clothes in an entire year. Now THAT is a poor college student.

Just saying.

Lauren {Awkward Girls} said...

Thanks again Charity for featuring us! And to address the anonymous comment up there, that dress was a gift from Maddie's family for her birthday bought with her sister's employee discount. Oh and those ag jeans from anthro... on sale for $20! I don't know how it happened but it did. Just thought that needed some clarification.

Maria- CityLaundry said...

these outfits are just the cutest!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

i ALMOST bought that sweater that lauren is wearing from f21. so adorable! they both look great! such a perfect guest post!
xo TJ

Jamie Rose said...

Such a great guest post! Both outfits are super cute.