Sunday, March 25, 2012

home: sweet home.

I'm home, & it feels wonderful. 
After a week of no running water (read: no showers), snow, mud, dust, sunshine & everything in between, digging trenches, mixing concrete, dicey short-cuts, running and playing and puppet-ing with the liveliest of children, Navajo tacos, PB&Js, exploring the Grand Canyon and exploring what God wants for my new life as a college graduate: I am home, and thankful to have a bed to sleep in and a shower to take. Lots more photos to come when I get enough sleep to function normally. 

A big THANK YOU to my guest bloggers from the week! Catching up on the posts and comments last night was so fun. If you haven't read them yet, do so! I'll be back tomorrow with more to share. xoxo! 


alissa b said...

sounds like a great experience but i'm glad to have you back on the interweb!

alissa b

jessica said...

sounds like you had an amazing experience, but it definitely is good to have the comforts that we do. showers are niiice. :)

what an amazing photo!!

Annie said...

That is an AWESOME picture! Also just wanted to let you know my outfit today was inspired by you, and I gave you a little shout out :)

The Other Side of Gray

LINDA said...

Amazing! xoxo

Linda from

Amanda k. said...

Can't wait to hear about your experience and see some pictures!