Sunday, October 21, 2012

bits & pieces

I promise I am trying to pay more attention to blogging--I miss photographing and styling and crafting and baking things for this blog so, so much. If I could just get two or three more hours into each day, I would be bursting with posts. Alas, life slows down for no man (or lady). Here are a few shots from the last few months that I'd forgotten about until this quiet Sunday evening. Hope you are all currently as cozy as I am: big comfy bed piled high with blankets, vanilla chai with cinnamon & (extra) whipped cream, Feist playing on Spotify, and warm wool socks. It's the little things. 


Animal Cafe said...

Ah I know what you mean! I've just started back at uni full time and i'm finding it hard to keep up with my blogging and crafting! I'm only now starting to get back into it again! But slowly.

Love the picures, good luck with trying to fit it all in!


bridget anne said...

oh, honey, i hope life slows down for you a bit here soon.

p.s. you & your mug are the cutest!

The Braided Bandit said...

You look so pretty in that picture, I wish I could get my hair to curl like that! You're Sunday evening sounds just about perfect, it really is the little things!
xo Hannah

Rose-et-Violet said...

Blogging is a time consuming activity, that's for sure. But please do get back to it, I love your posts!


P.S. That setting sounds so comfortable, ahhh. It is the little things indeed.

nicole s. said...

i've missed your blog so much! but, i know that you're spending the time you aren't blogging doing wonderful things like being cozy and wearing your hair and cute and such. these photos are just evidence that i'm right.

alissa b said...

seems like your time away is treating you well! i feel how you mean about needing to get away from the blogging world sometimes!

and i love these shots :)

alissa b

Carlee, Almost Endearing said...

I love that top photo. And life can get crazy, everything will slow down soon!
Almost Endearing

Faddicshion said...

always keep your beautiful imagination and exquisite humor xx

Kenziefaith said...

I've been wishing for some more hours in the day as well! I hate neglecting my blog... Ah.

These pictures are beautiful!

Wild Flower said...

Absolutely beautiful and whimsical, I love it! I totally understand the being busy part! And I'm sure everyone else does too, looking forward to your next outfit post girl!