Saturday, November 10, 2012


wake up slow. drink a dirty soy chai in bed. listen to Allen Stone & the Lumineers & Fleetwood Mac & City and Colour. take a walk. snuggle with your loved one. call your mama and your sisters and your best friend. look at those stars, read that book, wander with your camera. work hard and long, but know when to go home. see your friends and bake cookies and eat muffins and drink red wine. eat Thai food & watch Aziz Ansari stand-up. watch movies about superheroes and dreams. visit your childhood home. admire the leaves. feel the cold coming. kiss your dog and laugh with old friends. be curious and be loving. 

this is what makes me come alive in the fall. xo. 


Amanda Raborn said...

These pictures are beautiful and so is this post! You made me so excited about Fall :)

It's an Easy Life

bridget anne said...

: )

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! What do you use to edit them? What filter?

J. said...

Gorgeous photos!