Friday, October 1, 2010

if you can't walk the walk, don't wear the stilettos

Last weekend, I went with some friends to a hip-hop show on campus (Macklemore & The Physics, both were great, check them out if you've never heard of them). Now, we were all dressed pretty casually, as were most of the people in the crowd - tank tops, skinny jeans, boots, a few skirts and shorts. While we were in line for the show, the two girls above walked by. I noticed them right away, because they were showing alot more skin than the rest of the line - tight & short dresses, one strapless, mixed with pretty high heels. Now, don't get me wrong, I am all about having fun getting dressed up for nights out - but these ensembles were just a little much, especially compared to the casual attire of the crowd. Then later, I saw them in the crowd, with their shoes off. So this is my point: if you can't walk the walk, don't wear the stilettos. I'm sure all of us girls have had times where it feels amazing to slip those heels off, perhaps after a nice dinner out, a formal dance, a wedding, or any other fun occasion. I love to wear heels and support our rights as women to add a few inches to our height. But this is my theory: if you're going to get all blinged out and show that much skin, be able to back it up and keep your shoes on until the car ride home. Besides, I know my feet were stepped on several times on the concert...protect those toes, if nothing else!