Thursday, January 20, 2011

My must-haves for Spring:

1. a bold yet versatile dress - the kind that you can easily pair with tights/boots/sweaters on the blustery days that seem to hang on for much too long.
2. a fun jumper that can be worn casually or dressed up

3. colorful yet muted flat shoes - in case you're like me and often need a "color pop" to go with excessively neutral outfits

4. Jeans that are somehow fitted but slouchy at the same time - I really want to find a pair like these, since I've been wearing skinny jeans + boots all winter

5. Matte nail polish in pastel shades - I really like this NARS polish in "Pokerface"

6. To acquire the skill of looking this cool while riding my bike (not to mention, to learn how to do so in those heeled booties!)

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