Sunday, October 16, 2011

Forever 21 Fall Wishlist

Forever 21 Fall Wishlist

I've been window-shopping instead of doing homework--probably the least productive way I could possibly be spending my time at this point! But browsing Forever 21 is just so much more alluring than reading about Plato's theories today. So, I'll pretend I have money and unlimited time. That's what brings success, right?

ps: Katya from this time is a charm is rockin' the pink lace cut out dress in her latest post & looks absolutely fabulous...jealous! her post is probably what inspired my afternoon of window shopping in the first place. thanks girl ;)

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Wild Flower said...

I love Forever 21, especially the prices! These are all really great picks. :)

Thanks fort he compliments, I've been editing my photos a bit different, I'm glad you think it looks good!