Friday, October 7, 2011

Casual Friday

Perhaps a bit of a boring outfit to post about, but this is what I came up with for an ideal thrifting outfit: comfortable, pants that I can easily try on sweaters with, and items that come on and off easily (I know, I know). How annoying is it to put on tights, boots, and a skirt back on over and over again while shopping? Especially if you're in one of those situations in a thrift shop where the door doesn't quiiite shut all the way and there are those sweet older ladies roaming around the store who don't have the best hearing/aren't especally inclined to knock before swinging doors open. A girl needs to be able to defend herself against these types of situations. Two other things: my hair is a mess, but that's just me. And that scarf is the coziest thing I own. 

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pants: Forever 21, shoes: Urban Outfitters, scarf & top: thrifted


Spinner's End said...

haha i totally know what you mean! at my favorite thrift store there's only one fitting room and it doesn't have a door, just a threadbare sheet that doesn't cover the doorway all the way. trying things on there is a fast & furious situation, and you always have to have a curtain buddy to make sure nobody walks in on you with your pants around your ankles. worth it though! ps: love your shoes so much.

KatieMaye said...

loving the denim on denim!!! have a good weekend :)

Danielle said...

You are so much more intelligent than me, I always go out shopping in a skirt and tights and then regret it after having to take them on and off a thousand times! Your outfit is so cute - comfy is always best, I love the scarf!

F-frames said...

Love casual outfits!

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Anonymous said...

i like to dress up casual. make you keep stylish and not too much :) just like you!! love your blog btw.. wanna do follow/link? feel free.. have a great day.

alissa b said...

that scarf does look super cozy! a comfy, cute look!

have a great weekend, girl ;)

alissa b

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Beaut. x hivenn

Kelly (Unremittingly Kel) said...

This is so cute!
I haven't been thrifting in so long, my heart aches!
Maybe i'll change that come next pay day? ;)

Adore the double demin!

Piia said...

Thank you so much for your wonderful comment on my blog :)

I really like this look, so simple, but looks great :)

Bowtie Diary

Lauren said...

Awesome outfit. I love the oxfords.