Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloweekend Night 1: White Swan

It is so strange to me that today is actually Halloween, because I am sitting on the couch watching Rachel Zoe on account of being EXHAUSTED from Halloween festivities this weekend! Not to mention the drive home from at 1 am last night after Ral and I went to a show in Seattle & my early wake up call to read & study before class. I was invited to a dance party tonight, but this couch is feeling pretty comfortable...we shall see. 
Anyway, these are from Friday night. One of my roommates & I did Black Swan/White swan--dancing around in a tutu and feathers was so much fun! It was my 5 year old dream come true. So girly and fun. Raleigh was Walt from the show Breaking Bad (seeing your boyfriend in a bald cap is always a bit of a shock), my other roommates were Katy Perry and a forest fairy, and my friend Michael was Andy Warhol--just thought I'd show you guys a few of my favorites from that night. A costumed outfit post, if you will. Night 2 costumes coming tomorrow!
What were some of your favorite costumes from the weekend?

ps: I put this costume together for about $18: $3 for the feathers, $1.50 for the felt they are on, $10 for the tutus (I bought 2, for extra booty coverage), and $3.50 for the tights. The leotard belongs to my roommate. Score!


Nicole said...

You look so pretty! Looked like you had lots of fun :)

Anonymous said...

This is such a great costume! You look really cute while 1. not looking trashy, 2. being original, and 3. being comfortable and having fun! Those are pretty much the makings of the perfect Halloween costume. Great job!