Tuesday, April 3, 2012

love in a coffee shop

Last Saturday I had the absolute pleasure of taking some quick engagement shots of my friends Megan and Tony. They were doing a full shoot the next day, but wanted some photos in their favorite Bellingham coffee shop, Avellino, and I was so happy to do so! I got to know these two on my trip to the AZ Navajo reservation just a little over a year ago, and unfortunately they had to graduate and move on to real life in another city, so really I was just happy to be in their presence once again. 
I've never done engagement shots before, but I'm pretty sure Megan & Tony were the perfect couple to start off with! Their love for each other is blatant: they are affectionate, they laugh and tease, and bring out the best smiles in each other. Getting candid photos of them smiling at each other or kissing each other was not a difficult task whatsoever.
I am overjoyed for the future these two have together, and am counting down the days until I get to watch them get hitched! A morning full of coffee, seeing old friends, and playing with my camera came together to be a pretty damn good morning. Congrats, lovebirds! 

ps: I will be back with outfits posts ASAP! life is crazy + the rain never stops, but it will happen this week. 


Jes said...

so, so cute.
love the one with the crossword.
xx jes


Blake Reynolds said...

love the last one! great shot.

Theresa said...

These came out so great! They are a lovely, and I must say, photogenic couple. This must have been so fun to do.
And by the way, not that I'm going to be getting engaged any time soon, but when I do, I'm coming to you. xx

melody said...

awe. such sweet, lovely photos! you're a jack of all trades!

Anonymous said...

These are so sweet. I love the first one of the coffee cups, one tall, one short. Adorable.


Michelle said...

Love these pics! They are so sweet! My biggest regret in life? Not finding time to take engagement photos.

Annie said...

This is the CUTEST! Great job, they look great :)

The Other Side of Gray

Mikhaila said...

These are SO cute!!!

Tamara @ Go Fish Style said...

great job! :o)

Lidiya said...

Your friends are adorable; they look so in love and the location of a coffee shop is so cute <3

his little Lady said...

oh gosh, these pictures are absolutely breathtaking! so adorable!
i love when people take pictures that look like natural dates ;)
xo TJ

Menachérie said...

Seriously gorgeous photos!

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eliza jane said...

darling little blog! and these engagements are to die for! they will treasure them forever!


Suzie Q said...

OMG, these are the most adorable photos!! Your blog is SOO cute! Love it. I'm following you now on GFC =) Hope you can visit and follow back =)

Suzie Q
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yiqin; said...

the photos are SO sweet

alissa b said...

these are brilliant! you did a great job! i especially love the one of them holding the coffee cup and it has the date written on it!

too cute! and well done :)

alissa b

Jamie Rose said...

Aww! These are so cute! I just love the idea of taking them in a coffee shop.

Margaret said...

adorable, love the details! now following you! :)