Friday, April 12, 2013

i love the 90s

high-waisted floral denim...could this skirt BE more 90s? 
(if you read that in the voice of Chandler Bing, we're forever friends)
for sale in my shop here, if I can bear to part with it. xo + happy weekend! 

top: Buffalo Exchange | necklace: Urban Outfitters | boots: Charlotte Russe


Katie :) said...

oh too cute! perfect outfit!

Jessica L said...

Such a lovely skirt! I love this romantic bohemian look. Chandler Bing.... Whoah! -Jessica L

Tiff Ima said...

Loving the outfit! Who doesn't love the 90's!?

Tiff Ima
Style Honestly

Jamie Rose said...

Such a cute floral skirt! I absolutely love the crop top paired with it. Hooray 90s style!