Wednesday, January 19, 2011

doha #1

Instructions from my Fiction Writing teacher: "Here are the rules for writing dohas: 1) Be present -- speak from the heart. 2) Speak your truth -- what is true for you at this moment. 3) No revising, no editing, no pre-writing. Just put your words down and let them go." We've been writing dohas almost every class and sharing them in groups, so I thought I would post some here as we do them, just to switch it up a bit. Here's one of the first ones I wrote, last week:

16 months today
Happy and happy, best friends
2 tall mochas to celebrate, take a break from life
Sit with me and love me
Read next to me
Taking life together, 2 heads are better than 1.


Vomnik said...

Your boyfriend kinda looks like Tom Hardy in this picture.

Charity said...

not baaaad ;)