Thursday, March 17, 2011

all in a day's work

I've seen a few other bloggers do posts where they take a picture of their day every hour, so I decided to do it today - unfortunately, my day was pretty lazy which may translate to boring through photos. Also, my timing was off a bit...but I had fun!

9:30 am: coffee time with my pup.

10:45 am: breakfast with my brother.

12:05 pm: lazing around with Ral.

1:00 pm: show & tell with my other brother.

2:00 pm: last minute shopping for travel necessities!

3:00 pm: painting my nails while the boys watch youtube vids.

4:00 pm: made an iced mocha to attempt not to nap in the sun like my didn't work.
5:00 pm: outside! Spring is seriously coming.

7:oo pm: mix cds for our 5 hour drive from Phoenix airport to the reservation.

8:30 pm: attempting/beginning to pack. I absolutely HATE packing, so I have to pace myself.
9:30 pm: cookies, milk, and conversation with my mom.
10:15 pm: more packing - gathering essentials i.e. COFFEE.

and now I blogblogblog & watch What Not to Wear with my puppy. Big day tomorrow!


Vomnik said...

Man your posts just keep getting better! This is probably my favorite post you've made, I love the idea and how great and clear your pictures turned out!

Bridget Fossedal said...

Haha! Charity -- doing one of these posts is on my weekend to-do list now that finals are over and my pictures wouldn't all be of me in class/at work : ] Bleubird always does them : ] so cute!

Good luck on your trip, girlfriend!