Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Top 10 Fashion Mistakes of the PNW

As I've said before, I love the Pacific Northwest. I love the green beauty of the rural areas as well as the modern happenings of cities like Seattle and Portland, I love the fresh produce, flowers, and seafood, and I even (as much as I may complain) love the moderate weather. However, when it comes to fashion of the great PNW, a bit of a love/hate relationship comes in to play: we need help. The amount of time I spend on a college campus has made me increasingly aware of our fashion issues here in the Northwest. Now, don't get me wrong - I see a lot of fun, trendy, organic style going on in Washington and the surrounding areas - but those are less fun to talk about. So, I've compiled a list of the Top 10 Fashion Faux Pas of the Pacific Northwest that I've observed through careful research. I'm sure there are more, but I do have to spend some time doing schoolwork. NOTE: These pictures are all taken from Google search - I wish I were sneaky enough to take awful fashion pictures myself, but I'm not quite there yet.

10. Camisoles/undergarments as shirts.
As Ms. Hilton is so kindly illustrating, girls often wear camisoles, made to go UNDER something, on their own. Camis are generally made to go under another shirt or sweater, in order to peak out a bit, add some color, and/or combat sheerness. However, I've seen a ton of girls wearing them by themselves or with an open hoodie over them. It can make a girl look like she didn't quite finished getting dressed, which is a look nobody wants.
9. Wearing a tiny amount of clothing as soon as the sun shows itself.

Though it is probably warm where Heidi Montag is, in the PNW we have a tendency to pull out the short shorts/miniskirts the minute the sun peaks out, even if it's still 55 degrees and windy out. Guys also tend to go shirtless and/or barefoot at the smallest hint of Vitamin D. These means that our pale Washingtonian bodies are not only out prematurely for the world to see, but are frozen in the early spring weather that we are so famous for. Goosebumps are not the best accessory.
8. Fake Tans in the middle of winter

Look, we all know it's true: everyone looks better a little bit sun-kissed. It can make you look skinnier, more toned, more awake, and let you show off those cute shoulder freckles. And I'm not going to say that I've never been in a tanning bed (ahh, the days of having frivilous money to spend!). However, a tan that is obviously fake never looks good, especially in the winter. In the Northwest, unless you work outside daily, it is basically impossible to get a real tan until July. So if you're orange by March, we'll all know you're lying.

7. Bro tanks cut down to there

First off, let me say that I am a huge promoter of guys wearing tank tops. My boyfriend lives in them in the summer, and I think they're adorable. However, if you're going to cut it down to where there's only an inch of fabric lining the bottom, why wear a shirt at all? As much as I hate to say it, I guess these are okay in the gym. But please guys, don't wear these in public - a seam from your waist to under your armpit is preferable in a tank top.

6. Pajamas in Public

This really, really should be a no-brainer: you do not wear your pajamas in a public area. However, I see this all the time here, especially in guys! I remember being on a bus and a guy got on, and I thought that he was attractive. But when he moved closer, I saw he was wearing pajama pants covered in basketballs - instant deal-breaker. Simple solution: pull some jeans on.

5. Leggings with normal length shirts

Olivia Wilde is beautiful, but this leggings situation does not look good from the front OR back. Leggings are super comfortable and are great to wear with longer, tunic shirts, dresses, or skirts; but almost every girl on campus has been wearing leggings as jeans, paired with normal length t-shirts, and it just does not work for anyone - no matter how much you've been toning your butt in the gym. A rule of thumb: your top should at least come to the bottom of your God-given asset.

4. UGGs

I don't have much to say about UGG boots, except that I've seen them ruin far too many cute outfits with their furry clunkiness. I know they're warm and comfortable, but so are regular boots (as in leather or suede) and a pair of thick socks. There was a debate on the university forum about Uggs, and a girl argued "I like them because they make sweats look less sloppy." This is false in so many ways - don't even get me started.
3. Socks with Sandals

It pains me that I even have to mention this. Don't do this, ever. This morning a guy got on the bus wearing gray jeans and a Pacific Northwest hoodie (ironic), which looked cool - until I saw that he had socks and Nike sandals on. If he would have worn socks and Nike SNEAKERS, he could have look laid-back and cool. Instead, he is forever branded as "socks with sandals guy". So unfortunate.
2. Sweats tucked in to boots.

Sweats in general should not be allowed in public, but I don't have the magic to make that happen. However, one trend I've seen countless times in the last quarter is sweats tucked in to boots, usually rain boots. It looks lazy, and totally unflattering. The two girls pictured above have tons of money and I'm sure stylists, so they really have NO excuse to be dressed like this. I know that as college students we have so much going on and we hardly ever get enough sleep, but my motto is it's always just as easy to put on a pair of jeans or leggings as it is to put on sweats - and I guarantee you'll feel better throughout the day.
1. Ed Hardy

Another rule of thumb: if Jon Gosselin, king of the d-bags, is wearing it, you probably shouldn't be. I don't know how or why Ed Hardy clothing/hats got famous, but it seems to be just another pointless trend that you wear just to prove you can afford it. Unless you have 8 kids and a thing for the nanny or you live on the Jersey Shore, I say: stay away.


Momma said...

<3...but you know you can just go to your local Wal-mart to get pics of all of these!

Vomnik said...

YESSS! You're speaking my mind Charity, the UGGS, Ed Hardy, sweats, and sandals! Great job!

Robyn said...

haha. I laughed at so many of these. My boyfriend's sister got a pair of uggs for xmas, and was WAY too excited. She just kept saying "and they're real!" over and over. I could only think, that just makes them worse. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

I hate when uggs aren't worn properly and the back sags at the bottom creating an ugly effect or sagged over one side wtf is that about put up your boots and pick ur feet up you lazy bints!!!