Thursday, September 1, 2011

beach daze

As summer slips into fall, I'll remember days like this and what a crazy lucky girl I am to get to lay on the beach with my siblings, build giant sand castles with random small children, and talk about life over coffee with my wonderful father--all under the late summer sun.

Are you ready for fall, or are you grasping on to summer's last moments? I'm torn!


Wild Flower said...

Cute bathing suits darling! xo

alissa b said...

1. i love that book
2. that first photo is toooooo cute
3. it looks like a lovely day

alissa b

Anonymous said...

looking lovely, such a nice holiday i bet! i'm totally torn too! I love summer, but i'm looking forward to wearing big jumpers 24/7 and snuggling up next to a toasty fire! please do come back to my blog and check it out again..and follow!! following you and loving your blog as ever! Bex X

janel said...

I love these pictures, it looks like you had so much fun!I'm a big fan of the fall season, so I can't wait for fall!

Lidiya said...

Super cute photos, I just adore summer :)

Amelia said...
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Amelia said...

so lovely :) isn't family the greatest? fall is my favorite season, but summer was sweet.

Style Pony said...

Aw, it looks like such a lovely day and that Starbucks looks so nice!