Tuesday, September 27, 2011

ready to Fall


A few things I purchased in preparation for the lovely season that I believe, judging by yesterday's rain and today's wind, is officially upon us:
1. pumpkin colored blouse, Old Navy
2. blue-gray oxfords, Old Navy
3. Army green booties that I have been thinking about all month, Old Navy
4. trading in my Summer pastels for a darker Autumn shade, Target
5. Slouchy hat for rainy days/bad hair days, Target

I also made my first soup of the Fall! I had coffee late the other night in order to stay awake for the 70 pages of Thoreau I had to read, which kept me wide awake well past the time I finished reading. So I was in the kitchen like a crazy woman at midnight, chopping and stirring and simmering until this delicious chicken noodle soup with cheese tortellini was done! All you do is make a normal chicken noodle but add refrigerated tortellini instead of the regular noodles. It's so-so-so good, especially right after walking home in the rain from classes.


What are your essentials for Fall?


Spinner's End said...

wow, i had no idea old navy had such cute things this fall! looks like you're all set for the cool weather to set in. i just splurged on a few things myself. even though i'm not in college anymore, i still can't resist a little back to school shopping. that soup looks so delicious, i defintely have to try it out!

alissa b said...

I went to Old Navy just a week or so ago and snagged those wedges too! But mine are in tan. But I'm totally jealous you found that blouse!

alissa b

Nikki said...

Wow great buys!! And that soup looks delicious...Yum:)


charity @ c'est la belle vie said...

I almost got the khaki ones but my bf insisted that I had to many shoes in that color :)

KatieMaye said...

I might just have to run by old navy today, i love that blouse!

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

nice! xo


Athena said...

I love your top from Old Navy. I was actually looking at that the other day from their site. Can you tell me how sheer it is? It looks so cute, I'm actually considering to go get it now!


Anonymous said...

i love all that stuff! gorgeous shoes.

xoxo sowmy

Bridget Fossedal said...

love the first shot -- still life : ]