Friday, February 24, 2012

easy peasy.

 My winter template for rushed mornings goes as such: dress + cardigan + scarf + tights + boots. Never fails. Comfy, while still feeling a tad put-together.

Excuse the silence the last week, but I am graduating in exactly three weeks (which is completely insane to me) and thus, life is crazy. Between finishing classes up, applying for jobs/trying to figure out what do to with my "adult" life, fundraising for my upcoming mission trip, volunteer reading for my college's literary magazine,  and the bazillion other things going on, I'm just trying to keep my eye on the ball--the ball, in this case, being a college degree proudly displayed on my wall. Between the chaotic moments, I am adoring small, quiet moments where there is no external input. Like breakfast time.
Because I firmly believe that there's nothing a good omelette can't fix. And coffee, mugs and mugs of it.

Where or when do you find small moments of peace?

dress & belt: Target, cardi & boots: thrifted, scarf: garden and sea


Mikhaila said...

Cute outfit! Morning are my favorite time of day...I wake up a half hour early just so I can sit and enjoy a nice cup of coffee and the peace and quiet. :)


I adore your go-to outfit it's absolutely gorgeous. And mornings are definitley my quiet time... I drink coffee, and catch up on my favourite blogs. ;) Happy Friday!! xo veronika

alissa b said...

jeez, sounds like you have A LOT on your plate. and graduating in just 3 weeks?! congrats girl! everything will fall into place and you definitely deserve all the goodness that's headed your way!

alissa b

p.s. your outfit is real cute too ;)

Amelia said...

perfect formula really! and i am totally onboard with the omelette philosophy. and the coffee- can't forget that.

Kim said...

Omelettes DO fix everything. In fact, they make everything a 100x better. LOVE your dress!

found the route

two birds said...

i wake up every morning and work out, and then i let everyone else sleep for at least a half hour atfer that so i can have a little bit of time to myself. and yes, omelettes and coffee are perfect. (as are dresses and cardigans!)

out of order said...

I love the deep red scarf with the blue dress, and now I really wish I had I made an omelet instead of mac 'n cheese <3


bridget anne said...

congratulations on your impending graduation, my dear! you whipped through wwu! <3

andrea k (blonde bedhead) said...

Beautiful! i love the colors and textures of your outfit. And I wish I could rock the center part like you do!