Tuesday, August 7, 2012

knots & boats

A friend & I snuck into a marina the other day to take some nautical shots of him--he acts & models, and I like to pretend I know things about photography. Here are just a few digital shots. I took some film too & can't wait to see how they turned out! Taking lots of film photos was on my summer list and experimenting with my parents' Minolta from the 90s has been really fun. Look for a film photo post coming soon, as well as an outfit post! xo Charity

ps: check out my etsy shop, East Magnolia Vintage, if you haven't already! some of my favorite pieces have already sold but there are so many lovely pieces left. 


Stesha said...

this looks so fun!!


Flight of Fancy Girl said...

Ah, love love love this!

alissa b said...

love these photos--and i especially love that adorable photo of you!

alissa b

Jessica said...

Your outfit is so cute! You look like me toting two cameras around much of the time! -Jessica L


Emma Vidmar said...

I love this! you don't even know. Both the nautical themed shots, and that you're shooting tons of film this summer! I just started using my dads camera from the 80s and am anxious to get my film developed!