Tuesday, August 14, 2012


I spent the last few days with my family in Sandpoint, ID for my cousin's wedding. All of my mother's extended family lives there, and I have spent a week there every summer since I was born. Most of her family all live on the same street and all own beautiful land that I have countless fond memories on. It was a quick trip with lots going on, but was still a much-needed breather. I had time to think, to breathe, to laugh and swim and sip my coffee slow. I danced all night with my sister, sang "I got it from my mama" to my sleeping mama as we crossed the Columbia River, and had lazy breakfasts with my amazing, colorful, loving Idaho family. Everything I needed. Here are some instagrams from the trip! 
 Dad & Me--the start to the 7.5 hr drive. 
 morning view: my aunt & uncle's backyard, where we stayed and where the wedding took place. Waking up to this every morning was so good for the soul 
 Sandpoint City Beach, where my brother (r) never ceases to make tiny friends to make sand castles with. 
 dance floor backdrop in my uncle's barn, where the reception took place. Those are photos of various married couples in our family history--so sweet!
 wedding set-up, family style. 
 right before the ceremony. how gorgeous is this land?
 my little sister & I. 
 wedding outfit details. 
 giving the bride away. 
 many sniffles were heard as my aunt & uncle gave their baby away! 
 pups on the boat--we spent the next day boating, sunning, eating, and jet skiing in 90 degree weather. best day ever. 
 coffee & reflection on my last morning there. 
brunch with some of my favorite hometown boys before heading back to my city this morning. 

such a good trip, but nothing feels better than coming home. I am currently sipping cider, sitting in my quiet living room and catching up on Project Runway and it feels so g-o-o-d. How were your weekends? xo! 

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eliz said...

Great wedding details...she did a wonderful job...beautiful place to have a ceremony!

Kelsey Rosie said...

What a gorgeous wedding! Looks like you had a fabulous time!


bridget anne said...

that photograph wall is spectacular.

Annie said...

What an absolutely gorgeous wedding! Love the photos, and you looked so pretty in that dress :)

The Other Side of Gray

his little lady said...

okay you and your blog are just way too cute! loving all these wedding details. especially the barn for the reception. just BEAUTIFUL!!!!
xo TJ

alicia said...

you are so gorgeous! love seeing wedding details and bits of idaho!

Emma Vidmar said...

i was just by sandpoint earlier this week! i love northern idaho, it's breathtaking.

looks like you had a good time!

Jenny Stokes said...

Hey! I'm from Idaho! Love your photos. Looks like the perfect place for a wedding! I hope you had tons of fun! love the photos!

Jennifer Hanson said...

I love the blue nail color with that outfit!!