Tuesday, August 21, 2012

new vintage added!

 b&w polka dot mini dress (one of my very favorite pieces!)

...and even more! come see before I change my mind & keep it all for my self. ;) xo! 


dots and skirts said...

Oh I love the sweater dress!!!!


becca said...

polka dots!

Laura said...

I love the polka dot dress and the gray skirt. If only they were my size!


Anonymous said...

You are so darling. I love all the outfits.

Anita said...

Gorgeous outfit.

Anonymous said...

The polka dot dress is my favorite!


Amanda Raborn said...

AH I love every single piece! Going to check it out now- thank you for sharing! :) Here's to hoping those pieces would look as good on me!

It's an Easy Life

Anonymous said...

You look stunning in all of these!


Caitie Schlisserman said...

such cute pieces! love the first and left pieces the best :)


helen said...

LOVE the gray midi skirt!!!

jennifer lane designs said...

that maxi with the denim vest....LOVE! so many great outfits xoxo

Rhianna Nelson said...

So many beautiful items!! Absolutely love the polka dot dress. I'm really quite sad that it's been reserved! Ah well, c'est la belle vie :P

It's kind of fun to think about somebody else getting the parcel and being excited about their latest arrival anyway. One of the simplest & easiest joys in life I think!

Oh and the sleepy-happy people waiting for coffee are my favourites! I love watching them waiting for their coffee with a little smile on their face while trying not to doze off. Such a beautiful time of the day :)

The Wildest of Dreams