Monday, February 4, 2013

glasses by firmoo

Last month, a few of my favorite bloggers (including this super-chic lady) posted about Firmoo, an online optical store. They have sunglasses and glasses, both prescription & non, and this amazing deal where your first pair is free: all you pay is shipping. I've been wanting a new pair of glasses, a little bigger & trendier than my current pair, but don't have a ton of ca$h money to spend--I can't even tell you how many BonLook giveaways I have entered in the last few months--so I was reaal excited when I saw this deal! 
I ordered this pair right before Christmas & received them a few weeks into January, and I l-o-o-v-e them. I normally just wear my contacts unless my eyes are particularly tired, but these I have worn almost every day.  They are fairly sturdy and fit well. This post isn't sponsored or anything, just wanted to share this opportunity with y'all...I paid $7 for these guys and get compliments on them all the time! Also, I can see. So that's great. Visit their website to order your first pair for free! ps: please ignore the messy hair...Saturday was a low-maintenance day. 

dress: Target, top: H&M, scarf: garden & sea, bag: thrifted, glasses: Firmoo


Taylor Hart said...

Awwwww! I love this look! I found you on "Writes like a Girl's" blog. Yipppeeee! New follower right here.

Amanda said...

adorable skirt! so cute :)

lacey said...

i just ordered some warby parkers and thought i was getting a good deal. goodness, girl! you hit the jackpot with these babies! i'm loving this look you got going on. i will definitely keep this company in mind for perhaps a fun, ultra hipster pair.

lauren, curious constellation said...

These are really great, I recently got a pair of glasses from Firmoo and I loved them!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! Also, Coastal Contacts gives you a first pair free :)