Tuesday, February 19, 2013

greens & blues

a few sneaks of an afternoon photo adventure I took with my lovely friend Megan last week. I am no photographer, not by any means...I hardly know what I'm doing, in any way, from composition to camera settings to editing...but it is fun to capture moments in such beautiful peoples' lives now & then, isn't it? I often dream of a better camera, different lenses, Photoshop, more knowledge of the camera; but for now I just love the feel of my Nikon in my hands and the world dancing in front of my eyes. 

More coming later this week, I just love the washington-winter feel of this small set. 

what are your feelings on your photography skills? do you, like me, find it hard not to compare your photo quality with other bloggers? how do you find happiness in your capabilities?


Kirsten Wiemer said...

i love them.
and i always dream of becoming the most awesome photographer in the world. all in time and with practice and research and learning.
and i definitely know what you mean.
however i think as long as they are clean crisp photos then you really can't tell much of a difference.


lovely lost things said...

these photos are really lovely! i'm not much of a photographer and with i already knew how to do everything i might want to do but i think simplicity is a great way to go while learning(:


Annie said...

Love this cute & cozy look! I've been meaning to get photoshop since I started blogging...and it's definitely hard not to compare photo quality with other bloggers...but yours look great!

The Other Side of Gray

Stephanie said...

it's hard not to compare your own photos with other bloggers. I think the trick is just to keep clicking and find your own style and not be ashamed of the pictures it takes to get you there. be proud of what you've done and keep going with it :) your photos are lovely, by the way.