Sunday, February 24, 2013

what to wear: overalls

Last week, Bridget blogged about these overalls she'd thrifted, which she of course looked darling in: 
& I've seen some other cuties rockin' the overall look on blogs lately, which led me to further research...
Krystal of This Time Tomorrow
source unknown / Alexa
cup of jo / street peeper
source unknown
source unknown
..aaaand I think I'm sold. Anyone else officially on the lookout for a pair of overalls as a spring transition piece? Any tips on what to pair them with? Holla atcha girl. 


Deanna said...

I just bought a pair of overalls and I've been dying to bog about them. It's just a little too cold to wear them yet. (they're shorts).
xo Deanna | Curly Adventures

bridget anne said...

awww! thanks for featuring me & my humble overalls! i'm kind of addicted…i think i may need another pair or two. ; )

i love wearing mine with neutral pieces underneath…stripes and sometimes polka dots, sometimes desaturated florals. oh, and i'm looking forward to wearing them with one strap undone, just a bandeau underneath in the summertime.


nicole s. said...

i went thrifting today and was literally only interested in finding overalls. after seeing bridget's, i'm convinced i can find some in the little boys' section. i neeeed overalls.

lacey said...

how cute are overalls? answer: so cute. i always see pairs at goodwill. maybe i'll find the perfect pair! i think they always look darling with stripes and chucks.