Friday, February 22, 2013

You Are _______ .

Last year, I wrote an article about thrifting for the You Are Project. About a month ago Lauren, co-founder of You Are, asked me if I minded if the article was included in their first print publication--um, no, don't mind at all! ;) We started talking and I am now contributing to You Are twice a month as a fashion columnist, which has already been so fun. I'm honored to be in the same magazine as beautiful, wonderful girls like Kenzie, who's killin' it on the cover, and others! You Are strives to remind girls that they are beautiful, radiant, brilliant, and have a Creator who loves them. Nothing better. xo! 


alissa b said...

wow! that's so amazing! congrats girl! :) couldn't be happier for you

alissa b

Eat Live Love said...

That's so exciting! have a wonderful weekend!

nicole s. said...

this is so amazing!! you're such a talented writer and i love that you're finding more venues for your words. get it, girl.

Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes said...

Such exciting news! Congratulations!

xo Ashley

melody said...

Oh wow, that's awesome charity! I need to pick one of those up!

Lauren said...

Thanks for sharing this Charity! I'm so excited to have you writing for us. :)

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