Tuesday, March 26, 2013

guest post: Angela of If Found, Make.

Last year when I wrote a guest post for Charity's blog, she was on a different mission trip and she would be my roomie again in less than two weeks. Now, we've both graduated college and live in different cities, and even though we're working to collect, photograph, & fill east magnolia vintage with spring goodness, we both currently have full-time commitments and don't get to meet up very often. So I'm happy to be posting about something we love to do: thrift shopping, while she's away!

One thing I loved to do in college was thrift shop for books + clothes. It's safe to say I've amassed quite the collection of vintage & otherwise secondhand treasures.  
 My favorite recently thrifted books are a US geography book and an English guidebook, both circa the early 1900s.
 Of course I've filled a closet with items for the shop, but many of my own clothes have their own stories to tell. One thing I've never been great at is going to a thrift store & leaving with what I actually planned to find. 
Last weekend I bought this adorable jacket for an astonishingly low price--it was an unexpected St. Patrick's Day green tag sale, and it is the perfect winter-to-spring piece to complement my wardrobe.

Do you find yourself buying used clothes or housewares? We'd love to hear about your most recent finds. 
xo Angela

thanks, Ang! I miss our thrifting adventures so. Find Angela at if found, make. 


Eat Live Love said...

Such beautiful photos!

miplused design said...

Great post! I love buying second hand clothes and things for the house. I have my favourite places to go looking for something unique and cheap. I know the best days and the best times :)

A little while ago I found 4 beautiful 1940s wooden chairs discarded on a path and I took them. I repaired some minor damage, painted mint green and change the cotton material. Now alll my friends ask me where I got them!

Midnight and Dawn said...

I definitely thrift more for clothes than housewares. I always spend way too much time sifting through the clothes! you have some cute finds :)

Kitty Cat Stevens said...

those red shoes are pretty amazing!