Monday, March 4, 2013

waiting for spring

I know I said spring is coming, and it definitely will be here eventually, but it isn't here in Washington yet--hence the sweater and huge warm scarf. However, the scarf was on sale, with the hope of making room for spring clothes, so that's slightly encouraging...right?
I can't wait to have bare legs and blonder hair and wear florals, skirts, sandals, pastels, t-shirts, sun dresses...but for now, I'll settle for deep reds & geometric prints, I suppose. If I must. 
Washington spring, vous commencez! (s'il vous plait)

pants: Urban Outfitters, sweater & necklace: Forever 21, scarf: FM, boots: Charlotte Russe

ps: I featured this outfit on my column "intern style" for the you are project! see it here. 


Tayler said...

Love the beige boots with the red pant! I recently wore an outfit similar, and I loved it!!


Jamie Rose said...

Aw I love your cozy outfit. Spring will be here soon enough, so I'm embracing my layers and knits. Your red pants are fantastic paired with the geometric print scarf.

alissa b said...

yaaay on the column! and i'm completely digging those jeans!

alissa b

The Braided Bandit said...

I am so ready for all of those things too, but in the meantime those jeans are adorable! It does not feel anywhere close to spring in Colorado and keeps snowing!

melody said...

i love this outfit charity! the printed blue scarf paired with those red pants is amazing! -xo.melody