Sunday, March 24, 2013

guest post: Bridget of Deer Circus

dress: free people / wellies: hunter / hat: h&m

as a person who likes to go adventuring, take a lot of photographs -- and get a little muddy in the process -- i may have found the perfect outfit. let me just start by saying that that it was emotionally painful for me to take off this dress after the first day i wore it. i wanted to just go to sleep in it and leave it on forever -- because it's basically a snug, warm pair of stripedy thermals in dress form. oh…and the best part: it tapers at the bottom instead of ballooning out like most maxi dresses. it stays tight against your calves so you can adjust the length, tie it up, tuck it into boots…it's like the skinny-fit jeans equivalent of the frock world: more practical, and more flattering. my favorite way to wear her right now is gracing the tops of short hunter wellies -- preferably in a bright color. but i'm sure i'll think of a thousand different ways to wear her soon enough. 

thank you, Bridget! readers, find this gorgeous, stylish lady at the deer circus

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