Wednesday, March 6, 2013

insta lately

1. outfit & decorations for a special women's event I helped throw
2. quiet morning in the perfect little house
3. brunch makings / yesterday's outfit details

my life (job) has been quite busy lately so I am especially appreciating little quiet, simple times; stretching that enchanted time that is the morning as long as I can before heading to work and the real world. I'll say it over & over again: I'm yearning for spring! 


alissa b said...

i feel you about the job!--it tends to drain time and energy. it makes you wonder where the days go!

hope all is well

alissa b

jennifer lane designs said...

that arrow necklace! oh my!

nancy @ adore to adorn said...

totally agree with you about appreciate quiet time! Love it too.

Cute photos!


Serena {Life Love Blog} said...

Super cute instagrams! Lets be IRL friends someday - you seem so fun! :)