Wednesday, April 20, 2011

the jacket that goes with everything

Raleigh and I walked along the boulevard and studied on the bay yesterday, and I made him snap a few photos of me for another outfit post! I love mixing gray, white, and denim together--and this jacket is one of my most favorite purchases of the last year. It goes with almost anything! Also, I recently found this nail polish in one of my purses after searching for it since my birthday night in December; I was so stoked!


Jacket: Urban Outfitters
Shirt: H&M
Shorts: Forever21
Shoes: Thrifted

This little guy trotted by while we were taking pictures--look at those precious fat rolls on his neck! so adorable & ugly at the same time.

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JB said...

You're always wearing the most stylish outfits. I swear i've seen you pull off every style.