Monday, April 4, 2011

on the reservation day 4: Navajo National Monument

Instead of doing a huge write up, I'm going to just post snapshots from the days of our humanitarian trip to the AZ Navajo Reservation. I will say, however, that this was an amazing experience - if you think you know something about the Navajo, you really don't unless you have face-t0-face contact. The people we ate with, helped, talked with, and worshipped with were warm, open, spiritual people who taught me countless things about my own faith and spirituality. The community they have & the respect and compassion they have for each other was breathtaking to me, and I hope to bring a piece of that here to my city.

I can't remember what this canyon is called, but inside that round crevice there are old Navajo dwellings carved into the cliff wall. There are thousands of archaelogical research sites within this canyon. So cool!

laughs in the sunshine. Though it snowed three of the days (we were at 7,000 ft elevation) it would usually melt by the afternoon and though the wind was still very chilly, we didn't care! For us Pacific Northwesterners, it was heavenly to just feel sun on our faces.

I was on the look-out, but unfortunately this is the closest I came to seeing a real, live Cottontail Rabbit.

the color of the rock was so beautiful! All the deep reds and tans were amazing.

walking back.

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