Tuesday, May 1, 2012

guest posting at the You Are Project

good morning, lovely followers!
I am guest posting about thrifting on a new website called the You Are Project today. They are all about empowering women to be who they were meant to be as well as improving relationships between women--which I think are some of the same points of style blogging, yes? One of the founders, Lauren, asked me to post & I was more than happy to. See the post here, & have a wonderful Tuesday! xoxo. 


Michelle said...

loving this look :)

The Braided Bandit said...

Just read you article! The pictures are so pretty and I love your thrifting advice- especially about sizing! I seriously start at size 0 and to up to size 14 and have founf things that fit at both ends of the spectrum when it comes to vintage! The cherry blossoms behind you make everything perfect!
Hope you are having a terrific day!
xo Hannah

Blake Reynolds said...

Thank you for the lovely comment, Charity! So sweet.

I just read your post for the You Are Project! So great!! I seriously have a problem with buying something "just because its a dollar"! I need to get out of that habit. Also, I read your profile on that website and saw you are doing an internship next year with Pacific Northwest College Ministry. That is so awesome. I'd love to hear more about it! I'm wanting to do some sort of discipleship training when I graduate. I'm looking at YWAM so I can go overseas, but I love hearing about other organizations & ministries!

Blake Reynolds

My Cowlick said...

That is such a cute ought and also such a beautiful scenery!


bridget anne said...

you're more beautiful than ever! i'm so glad you had this opportunity. gosh, someday, somehow, we need to go thrifting together. ok?

Anonymous said...

I nominated you with the versatile blogger award! :)


Anonymous said...

I love your hair parted like that. And this look is beautiful.