Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Insta Wednesday

 iced coffee for sunny, productive days | favorite taco place to catch up with a lovely girl
 day trip to Snoqualmie Falls | sunny Sunday afternoon at Lake Padden
 cherry on top | graduation announcements (thank you SO much for all your advice, it really helped!)
 morning coffee in my mama's office | BBQ on a warm evening
 cuddles with this sleepy boy, one of my favorite parts of visiting home
 an exciting package waiting for me | local goods for an early Mother's Day present
a quick stop on the way home | blooms in my parent's amazing backyard

So, there's a snapshot of my life lately. Between working and doing some writing/editing/submitting of old nonfiction pieces, I got a chance to jump home for two days to surprise my family, since I won't get to see my mom on Mother's Day. It was a quick trip, but such a relaxing couple days--a much-needed escape. 

I apologize for not posting very much in the last week. To be honest, I haven't felt inspired when it comes to blogging AT ALL lately. I thought once I graduated and had so much more free time I would focus on this blog a ton, but for some reason the motivation just hasn't been there lately. I've barely been taking any photos, either...not sure what my deal is! I think I'm just in a funk right now, creatively. Does this ever happen to you guys? How do you get out of it? I want to get back to feeling inspired and excited about blogging, but I'm not sure how to do so! Lay some advice on me, ladayz. 


Anonymous said...

I have times where I feel the exact same way. Ironically enough, now that I do feel inspired I don't have time to because of finals...But give yourself time, and don't force yourself back into it. We'll all be patiently waiting for when you're ready!

Great photo choice for the graduation invite! You look fantastic! And Snoqualmie Falls look so magical!


Elliespeaks said...

I felt EXACTLY the same for most of April. I just had to sit it out and not worry too much about not posting and not feel guilty about it. As soon as I stopped making it a 'to-do' I suddenly wanted to blog about things again!

ShyScout said...

Such lovely photos!

I was in a funk as soon as I got back from my vacation. Blogging just seemed overwhelming and tiresome. After a mini break I sat down and though about what it is that I liked about blogging and where I wanted to go from there. It helps just sitting down and thinking about why you started in the first least that was enough to get me excited again.

bridget anne said...

oh, i'm sure you're just in a funk & you'll come out of it soon! in the mean time, all the food looks so yummy & you're making me miss the woods just a tad...though it doesn't take much to make me miss that splendid place. also, the announcement looks superb! xo.

Amanda Raborn said...

Charity! Looks like you've been up to a lot lately... and fun/yummy stuff, at that!

It is TOTALLY normal to get in a blogging rut... I find them to actually be somewhat refreshing in reminding me that I do this for fun... and I'm real in my posts that when I don't feel like posting, I just don't. I think when it's not about that anymore, then you've lost all of the fun in it that you originally found...

My favorite thing to do when I get in a creative rut... Hit a sale rack, explore the city, google some DIY projects, buy a new lipstick, rearrange rooms in our house... anything to get the creative juices flowing again and inspire you to dress up and be creative!

Totally normal, and again... somewhat refreshing! Love the blog, so don't change a thing :)

It's an Easy Life

Amanda Raborn said...

Ps. You picked my favorite photo for your grad announcement and it looks AWESOME!

Jen Hammer said...

mexican food! i am so jealous. we have NO good mexican food here in AK. And I totally feel you on the lack of interest in blogging. For me it was cause blogging started to feel like a chore and something I NEEDED to do to keep up. Just do your thing and blog when you feel like it, not when you think you should!

Caitie said...

all of those food pictures are making me extra hungry!! I want those tacos!