Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Guest Post: Kaylee of Wild Flower

Hi lovelies! I hope your holidays were full of loved ones, joy, and food (and perhaps some drinks). I am on vacation with Raleigh and his parents until the first week of January, playing in the sunshine of Arizona & California, but I have set up a few guest posts for you that I know you will enjoy! First up is Kaylee from the blog Wild Flower. Kaylee is the sweetest girl, whose style ranges from delicate & girly to edgy & chic. Either way, she always looks fabulous! Not to mention her photos are always gorgeous. Go browse her outfit posts & you'll see what I mean. Thanks for posting, Kaylee!  xoxo Charity

Hello Gals and Pals! 
This is Kaylee Nicole of Wild Flower. Since the lovely miss Charity is out on vacation, I'll be posting today! The outfit I chose was partly inspired by New Year's Eve night in London. Although I am from the states I am always pulling inspiration from other countries. England is a popular favorite for myself, fashion bloggers from there always have the best style! Anyways, hope you enjoy! 
{Hat: Vintage -- Dress: Dahlia -- Cape: Vintage -- Tights: Target -- Oxfords: DIY}
These shoes scream New Year's Eve, don't they? And they were so easy to make! Check it out Here

Sorry about the cape only being in one shot, I had some exposure issues. You get the picture though right, haha, get it?  Yes, I am a nerd. Anyways I hope this gives you some kind of NYE inspiration! I plan to wear this while sipping on sparkling apple cider and watching the ball drop on TV with my boyfriend and both our families. Isn't it amazing how holidays pull everyone together?  Speaking of the holidays, did everyone have a good Christmas? I got a pair of Dr. Martens and loads of Modcloth clothing! Best Christmas ever. :) 

Thanks Charity for allowing me to post on your blog, I hope you are having a great time on vacation!


Anonymous said...

lovely! such a cute dress!!


Jamie Rose said...

You look awesome! I love everything about this outfit. The hat and cape are fantastic and I love how cute the dress is. Also, I need shoes like that.
Great guest post!

julianne. said...

oh my god those shoe are amazing.
can't believe you made them!
amazing outfit.<3

Anonymous said...

You are almost as cute as my little sister!


Jo said...

Ohh, how have I never heard of you before?! Your style is impeccable! I rarely find anyone who loves capes as much as me!

Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

Lottie Scarlett said...


Nicole said...

Those glitter brogues are amazing!

The little world of fashion said...


Piia said...

wow, I seriously love the dress and the shoes, great match !
Bowtie Diary

Redspect said...

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