Tuesday, January 10, 2012

holiday rewind: birthday festivities

birthday tulips--my favorite!
mama/boyfriend, who both made my birthday perfect!
the birthday shrine my mom put up for brunch on my birthday...can I have this every day?
My parents threw me a big birthday party at their house on the night before my birthday, and it was just about perfect: friends, tonstonstons of food, drinks, presents, laughing, singing happy birthday (twice--once when the my phone said it was midnight, and another when everybody's iPhone said midnight), and lots of Merry Christmases. I wanted to do a signature drink, so I made the syrup to make these cranberry pomegranate mimosas (found on Pinterest), completed with frozen cranberries as a garnish. Everyone loved them! Anything involving champagne is always good in my book. I had so much fun, and here's the cherry on top: my sister took me to another party with her after, and I beat a frat bro in beer pong. Who knew? 

I didn't take many pictures on my actual 21 run (we hopped around on Capitol Hill in Seattle) because I didn't want to bring an expensive on camera with me on such a night, but if you want to know what my night was like in a nutshell, just look here. You get the idea. 

romper: Forever 21, lipstick: Maybelline COLORsensational in Red Revival


elliespeaks said...

Hahahahahahaa. Loved this post. Birthday's are SO fun. I also have a birthday brunch shrine (they are one of the highlights) plus the photo of your 21 run is hilarious!! Ah, you've inspired me to throw a big bash and create a signature drink!

Kenziefaith said...

Haha! That picture! So funny... Birthday's are (of course) my favorite!

alissa b said...

yaaaaay birthdays! :) great photos!

alissa b

Nicole said...

Happy birthday!!!!!
Red lips really suit you :) Looks like your birthday was really special :)