Monday, July 18, 2011

box of memories

I made a quick trip home last week to surprise my parents (and locked my keys in my car in the middle of nowhere, while on a desperate journey to find a Starbucks--but that's another story). The only downside of surprising them, however, is they had plans both nights I was home! In case you were wondering, that's how cool I am.. even my parents have better options than hanging out with me. But, my puppy doesn't! I ended up in my sister's room with my boy Huckleberry Finn, where I saw an old shoe box I had decorated and filled with memories throughout high school: notes, pictures, posters from concerts, ticket stubs, report cards, and even some sad/angsty poetry. It was such a trip!
A lot of the notes were from boys...a few made me gasp, laugh, or just simply shake my head. High school seems so far away now, and most of the people in 'the box' are people who I've totally lost track of except for the occasional Facebook or text conversation. Though it was interesting to look through the contents and relive high school a bit, I must say that I was happy to put the lid back on and put the box back on its shelf in the top of my sister's closet. I like my adult-ish life much better, even if I don't get as many notes from awkward boys these days ;)
I leave you with a photo of me from my sophomore year of high school:
high school
Do you have your high school memories saved somewhere? Or would you rather never remember those times?

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